Planted's Knowledge Center: Canna-curious

Episode 27
This Episode Hits Different with Hype

Join us as we chat with Hype Lab Director, Jake and how he is pushing to refine the cannabis cultivation process even further. Today, Jake shares some of the best stories - and lessons learned - from a less refined era of cannabis.

Episode 22
Ask Your Friendly Budtender! THC Q&A with Victoria

Whether you're canna-curious or an experienced user looking for more, this episode will provide you with the tools you need to make informed decisions at your local dispo. Enjoy!

Episode 13
Where to Start Grandma on Cannabis

Hang onto your teeth, Granny! In this episode, Victoria rates some of the most popular products (and explains how to dose them) to start grandma's (or anyone's) cannabis journey on the right foot.

Episode 06
"Gummies Reign Supreme" - All About Edibles

Are you canna-curious about edibles? Whether you're a newcomer or an active cannabis user, there's a lot to learn about this booming market.

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