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We have three DOPE Planted dispensaries in Michigan!

Whitmore Lake

9545 Main St Whitmore Lake, MI Get Directions


1960 W Hemphill Rd Flint, MI Get Directions

Bay City

3967 N Euclid Ave Bay City, MI Get Directions

Planted delivery, curbside and in-store pickup are now available at all three Planted Provisioning locations!We provide a seamless and efficient checkout process for your convenience. For curbside orders, you can contact us on our dedicated curbside phone number to place an order via phone. However, we do encourage customers to place curbside orders online through our easy to use online ordering platform. It is always up to date with our current inventory and stock.

Our expert budtenders have knowledge in what types of products may be right for you. They will make the process of selecting something easy. Whether you’re an experienced consumer wanting to try something new, or a complete rookie, we have your stash back.Still need more help? Ask us about our cannabis coaching by reaching out to us at for information.

Yes. At Planted we took more of a holistic approach to our stores. We offer a full line of THC FREE CBD products for both humans and pets (canines and felines). We can help guide you to non-psychoactive (you won’t get high) cannabis products. Some of these products include but are not limited to creams, tinctires, droppers, sun screen, lip balm, edibles, vapes, and more. Some of our experts can also help recommend several other beneficial CBD based products to help you meet your holistic goals.

Yes. Planted offers options for both medical patients and recreational (adult-use 21+) customers. Both shopping experiences are located in the same building. Please be advised that some menu items may vary in each instance (medical vs recreational). Adult-use 21+ customers do pay a state mandated excise tax on recreational purchases. Both med and rec customers pay the normal 6% state sales tax. More information can be found here.

Yes. Out of town customers can purchase cannabis legally from our recreational (adult-use 21+) menu. Planted follows all state laws for allowable purchase limits and will guide you accordingly.For out of state medical patients please reference the Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website’s December, 2018 advisory bulletin on visiting qualified patients.Can licensed Michigan provisioning centers accept visiting qualifying marijuana patient cards?

Both medical and recreational customers are required to provide dispensary entrance identification.Recreational customers must provide proof of ID to enter as an adult-use 21+ customer. Medical patients must provide their Michigan medical marijuana card and proof of ID. We have conveniently located ATM’s within our stores but also accept credit and debit cards now!

Yes! In fact, we encourage customers to shop online as things can sell out quickly. All transactions and promotions will be finalized in store at the register.

All products (flower, concentrates, edibles) are tested by a licensed 3rd party lab and entered in a state monitored database (METRC). Producers are required to provide this testing prior to selling to cannabis retailers like ourselves. Stop in and ask one of our budtenders for more information. Product safety and trust is our top nugs priority at Planted.More information can be found here on Michigan Regulatory Agency website.

What are Cannabis Terpenes, exactly?

Cannabis terpenes are natural chemical compounds present in plants and some animals. They contribute to the scents, tastes, and even colors found in different kinds of plants. In cannabis, terpenes are the key elements that give each strain its unique aroma and flavor.

What do Cannabis Terpenes do?

Terpenes help protect plants from extreme weather and predators. While their effects on humans are still being studied, they're gaining attention in the cannabis community. Researchers and users alike are now using terpenes to categorize cannabis products and anticipate their effects.It's believed that the mix of dominant terpenes in a strain, along with its cannabinoid levels—like THC and CBD—interact to create the distinct experiences associated with different strains.  

Curious about the benefits of marijuana?

Puff, Puff, Planted Podcast

Breaking the Stigma

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Get the inside scoop on cannabis retail startups with Puff, Puff, Planted! Hosted by industry expert Kevin Serwatowski, this podcast breaks down the stigma surrounding marijuana and offers a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like the first dispensaries in a new area.

From navigating community backlash to following and regulations Puff, Puff, Planted explores the biggest questions surrounding the cannabis industry.

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