Episode 27
This Episode Hits Different with Hype

Jake Gantz remembers when cultivating cannabis was not so cut and dried, no pun intended. Jake, like our host Mike Lewis, broke into the cannabis space before it had become the $13 billion industry it is today. In this episode, we revisit the days of backyard open blasting and small, caregiver grow ops… and weigh in on the massive changes we’ve experienced since.

Today, Jake is the Lab Director at Hype, and he is pushing to refine the cannabis cultivation process even further. Today, Jake shares some of the best stories – and lessons learned – from a less refined era of cannabis.

Show Highlights include:

  • Is medical marijuana in trouble? Mike and Jake talk about the explosion of rec sales, and what this means for medical cardholders.
  • Cannabis manufacturers aren’t playing with fire (as much) anymore. Jake and Mike revisit the Caregiver Era, and talk about how the industry has improved as it has grown in size and scope.
  • Why are the effects of dabs so different than smoking? Jake breaks down the science behind their unique high.

Guest Links:

Website: https://www.hypecannabis.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hype.cannabis/

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