Episode 26
No Rest for the Planted w/ Afternoon Delite

Afternoon Delite is the winningest edible brand in Michigan. After 11 High Times Cannabis Cup awards, it’s safe to say that CEO Brian Shariak understands how to create consumables that cut through the noise. Today, he joins Mike to talk about how small businesses are distinguishing themselves in a post-crash cannabis market.

Spoiler: it’s exactly as hard as it sounds, and twice as time-consuming. Brian and his wife have built the Afternoon Delite brand from nothing, and Brian joins us today to talk about how they did it.

Highlights include:

  • Brian was lab testing before it was cool (or mandatory). He tells us about his journey, from his first grow to his 11th award, and how he and his wife are succeeding in the industry.
  • Dispensaries are a lot like streaming services: there is an absolutely paralyzing amount of choice. Mike and Brian share insights on how to connect with consumers in an overwhelming market, and talk about what consumers can expect next.
  • On a higher note, Brian shares some of the hilarious “brainstorming” sessions that led to his biggest hits.

Guest Links:

Website: https://www.afternoondelite.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/afternoon_delite/

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