Episode 20
GT Rolling’s George Asmar & Eastside Alchemy’s John Vogl

Rolling a joint is a lot like driving a stick shift. Everyone says they can do it… while secretly hoping they won’t have to because it can get really messy if you biff it.

This week, Kevin and Victoria are joined by GT Rolling’s George Asmar and Eastside Alchemy’s John Vogl. In this episode, George and John show us how the pros roll joints, make donuts (or hash holes), and talk about the massive changes in cannabis culture that you don’t want to miss. In this episode, we cover:

  • What is a donut? Learn the new method that combines flower and resin, complete with a live demo from George.
  • DON’T ASH IT! Some traditional habits may have to be broken to fully enjoy a donut.
  • Also, lots of cannabis ASMR in this episode as we walk through the rolling process 🙂

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