Curious as to where cannabis is going? According to Ross Blackley, Director of Sales for Doghouse in Detroit, we just need to look at where alcohol has gone. Just as heavy-duty IPA’s have given way to seltzers and pre-mixed cocktails, high potency THC products may be pushed aside in favor of what comes next. Having worked for Bell’s Brewery during the craft beer boom before transitioning to cannabis, Ross sees some familiar patterns emerging in the cannabis market.

This week, he sits down with Victoria to talk about how consumer tastes (and education) drive the future of cannabis. In this episode, Ross talks to Victoria about some of the biggest questions surrounding the industry:

  • Is the high-potency trend here to stay, or is it going the way of heavy IPA’s?
  • What responsibility to dispensaries have to educate their customers?
  • What’s more important, finding the right strain or finding the right flavor?

And more! As always, thanks for listening.

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