Episode 04
Demystifying RSO's with Cannalicious & Detroit Edibles

Listen to this week’s episode to receive a code for a Buy 2-Get 1 deal on Cannalicious Labs’ RSO gummies at plantedprovisioning.com. OR, mention this episode in-person to receive the discount at our Flint or Whitmore Lake locations. Promotion valid through 8/4/22.

This week, Kevin & Victoria are back to decode the mysteries surrounding Rick Simpson Oils. They’re joined by experts (and our NEW SPONSORS) from Cannalicious Labs & Detroit Edibles: COO & President Tim Schuler and Business Development Manager Andrew Yost. Tim and Andrew produce the only fast-acting RSO gummies in the world, and they break down the science behind one of the least-understood products in the cannabis industry.

In this show, we’ll cover:

  • Why RSO’s are referred to as the “crude oil” of THC products, and how to take them safely & enjoyably.
  • How Prohibition affected the trajectory of the cannabis business, and why its effects are still felt today.
  • How the “canna-curious” can get started with RSO’s.
  • The powerful pain relief & other benefits that come with taking RSO’s.
  • And much more!

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