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Heather P.
02:40 04 Mar 24
I went in today. My budtender Michelle A hooked me up and didn’t make me feel rushed. Thank you so much!!!🙂
03:19 03 Mar 24
Great down to earth people working there. Being that it was my 1st time there it was a quick learning curve but my assistant ( Michele Allen) helping me was very knowledgeable and she was able to give me recommendations to target what I needed.I highly recommend Planted provisioning.
Marlene C.
18:22 02 Mar 24
I had a delivery and Annabelle helped me on the phone a few times didn't get upset with me for calling very nice very bubbly and very knowledgeable I think this girl deserves a raise
Izzy C.
21:42 01 Mar 24
Awesome dispo & really sweet and helpful staff . Kat, our budtender, was so sweet and hooked us up . Can't wait for our next visit . 😊
joe P.
15:21 29 Feb 24
18:55 28 Feb 24
I order delivery from Planted and it’s so convenient! They always get everything right, and their delivery drivers are always excellent! I’ve gotten Lew multiple times and he’s so polite and his customer service is fantastic! (:
Tangnika B.
16:08 27 Feb 24
I love the energy and the store is beautifully laid out. I love the deals
miguel M.
18:24 26 Feb 24
The atmosphere is great and Michelle was wonderful in helping me out today (:
Meghan R.
17:54 24 Feb 24
Lew delivered my product quickly and was very professional and nice. Love being able to use CC or DC instead of cash. Appreciate you!!
S G (.
01:18 23 Feb 24
Great prices and excellent service. Check out the deals because they are soo worth it. Tell your Federal representatives to legalize THC.
Daniel W.
23:16 22 Feb 24
Nice people good selection
Michael M.
23:45 20 Feb 24
Hi, I just wanted to say planted provisioning is one of the best dispos I’ve ever been to and they are very kind and helpful with suggestions from whatever you are looking for and I just want to say thanks guys for always helping me with my in store purchases.
Brandon T.
00:46 20 Feb 24
I had a chandler was awesome friendly and professional I’d like to deal with him more
Aaron G.
14:28 19 Feb 24
Lou was super prompt and very polite with the delivery out to Howell
Jordan C.
20:00 18 Feb 24
Planted is great! Awesome customer service and a all around good environment. 10/10 I would recommend making Planted in whitmore lake your go to dispo
Danielle B.
01:00 15 Feb 24
Kat was super helpful, love this place ❤️
Anna D.
22:45 14 Feb 24
Great environment great customer service!
Young 8.
17:54 14 Feb 24
Great customers service !!
Ariel D.
21:32 13 Feb 24
A good place to order from
Cindy A.
19:20 12 Feb 24
Camille M.
19:18 12 Feb 24
Great service! Holly was so nice for it being my first time :)
Anthony B.
15:28 12 Feb 24
I like it and very nice people
Jerrod C.
01:03 12 Feb 24
Great service
Amanda B.
20:51 11 Feb 24
Always had good service. Answered any questions I had.
Thomas P.
21:06 09 Feb 24
Stuffney goodaervice
Austin K.
16:50 09 Feb 24
Lew was an amazing delivery driver, drove from white lake to Highland quickly, super friendly and knowledgeable.
Steve R.
15:22 09 Feb 24
Cool place, always a deal to be made!
Kj J.
22:06 07 Feb 24
Love this place and all of the delivery drivers and staff are great
Fdenise D.
17:35 07 Feb 24
Stop by catch up on the hottest deals. Best place to shop for quality. Great staff nice space. The vibe just right.
Jacob B.
01:02 07 Feb 24
Price for product is great, amazing crew that runs it as well!!! I dealt with brandon and couldn’t have asked for a better experience, thank you guys!!!
monica B.
23:25 05 Feb 24
love this spot ! so convenient and especially the time !
Frankie T.
16:22 05 Feb 24
Ever in town stop by they have great deals and the staffs are nice come by shop whenever in town
Divined C.
19:21 04 Feb 24
Great place outstanding staff great deals get you in and out . Lie it here
Devin C.
01:48 03 Feb 24
I would recommend this place to anyone this is my go to Dispensary always helpful and very knowledgeable 10/10
Kristina P.
22:10 02 Feb 24
Kat was so helpful! Love the store!
Carol W.
21:10 02 Feb 24
Awesome products..outstanding staff...convenient as well!
Carol F.
00:51 02 Feb 24
Just had another great delivery experience with a new funky card system! Lew was so nice!! Truly always so patient and accommodating whether you go in store, curbside, or delivery ordering, and great med prices. my favorite dispensary:) Shoutout Morgan, Kat, and Jupiter all my favorite budtenders when i’m in the shop❤️
Jason H.
16:53 01 Feb 24
This place is the best they go out of their way to make sure you are satisfied and Wes was so helpful, and I recommend this place to everyone delivery driver's are awesome to
Stevo K.
14:14 01 Feb 24
Great place to shop nice staff great deals
Nikki M.
16:31 30 Jan 24
Best dispensary around. Great staff, products and service!
Keairer B.
14:14 27 Jan 24
Great Quality!!!
Ethan M.
17:18 26 Jan 24
Great selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff, good prices.
Limo G.
16:10 26 Jan 24
This is the best place I have found, they have bumps in the road with staff, but that's just what we are all dealing with? Honestly I have visited so many dispensaries, Planted balances everything so the client gets the best product at an affordable price.
Madalynn M.
13:59 26 Jan 24
Absolutely phenomenal service, always! It's not just "come in and buy" but also come in & ask questions, learn, and explore. Every product I've gotten here has been stellar which is more than I can say for other places. New scrunchie! Adorable!!
Epfiano G.
17:30 24 Jan 24
Em H.
21:50 22 Jan 24
Amazing staff, product, and service. Delivery is always fast and I’m always met with a smiling face. The gentleman who delivered my order this evening was so patient when I was having difficulties with my banking card and incredibly kind. I truly do hope the staff here is paid accurately for their service, they deserve it. Stay planted, everyone.
Gabe F.
17:06 21 Jan 24
I had an awesome experience, customer service was amazing, Michelle was awesome
Sean C.
00:17 19 Jan 24
Andy S.
14:12 18 Jan 24
Love this placeVery helpful staff.Everything you need you will find here.
Shae S.
02:45 17 Jan 24
Mya is absolutely the best! Super friendly, went above and beyond, and was prompt. Made my delivery quick and easy. Would definitely recommend! 10/10
Robert C.
17:36 13 Jan 24
Everyone here is the best! I may be not the best, but they treat me like I am and I never forget that. I'll never go anywhere else, no matter what! I love you guys
Jackie R.
20:05 12 Jan 24
Amazing. Michelle’s in depth knowledge made me feel so much better. I was there for my dog as he started having seizures and I had no clue where to start. Thankfully Michelle explained everything to me and wrote everything down for me to do my own research. This place is wonderful and I will definitely be back. Thanks Michelle!!!
Mariso I B.
20:04 12 Jan 24
What a nice establishment and such warm welcoming staff .We are new to the area and it's great to have a dispo so close to our house .Our budtender KAT was so sweet and helpful.Can't wait for our next visit. 😊
Cisco G.
00:27 12 Jan 24
Bernardo B.
14:30 10 Jan 24
Leah C.
14:31 09 Jan 24
I love this dispensary. The staff is always friendly, the service is always quick and the prices are great. I am mainly an edible and cartridge shopper and lately I’ve been choosing other stores because the edible options at Planted are kind of…boring? Gummies are easy and cheap but not exciting. There’s so many cool products on the market, it feels like a missed opportunity to mainly focus on gummies. Again, love this shop and will continue to shop here, just wanted to offer my 2 cents.
Madeline K.
16:21 07 Jan 24
I love this place. Have tried other dispensaries locally and none of them have the same quality for the price. Michelle is awesome, every time I am in and explain what I’m looking for she delivers above and beyond. Highly recommend people visit, they will take care of you every time!
Cheryl O.
22:26 02 Jan 24
Great selection. Lance is my goto guy
Nick R.
22:23 02 Jan 24
Gregg G.
15:40 02 Jan 24
Great place lots of smiles extremely helpful staff great deals on products this is where I'll be going from now on
Aliki L.
03:50 01 Jan 24
Karen A.
21:14 31 Dec 23
Friendship, helpful, don't try to oversell! They have a couple sugar free options too. Very happy, thank you, Elaine, you are amazing!
Cassie M.
23:32 29 Dec 23
Above and beyond customer service every time. Even with the 2 new dispos in Whitmore lake, they'll always be my go to
Gary S.
21:55 29 Dec 23
Very nice,Order was as I expected. I'm very pleased and will continue to shop here.
Rob S.
12:52 27 Dec 23
Great people very helpful, great products
Mary N.
20:06 24 Dec 23
This location is BY FAR my favorite dispo in the metro Detroit area! No one beats their prices, their delivery times, the kindness of their staff, and the quality of the products. Shout out to the team that was working Christmas Eve! Many thanks for all you provide! Customer for life.
Adam E.
17:41 24 Dec 23
Planted is the best! Thanks for all the excellent feedback from my questions Kate!
Jessica V.
01:47 22 Dec 23
Love it!
Parker W.
20:04 19 Dec 23
Lew is the man! Speedy quick delivery and friendly. So awesome that this place does delivery and card payments. Definitely recommend!
17:28 19 Dec 23
Elaina was amazing. She helped me out and even helped me pick out a Strain that was amazing. She deserves a raise!
chad C.
17:28 19 Dec 23
elaina great service, 5 star ⭐️ 100% coming back
Kenneth Szmansky J.
16:26 19 Dec 23
Elaina my first time having her as a tender she is amazing and very friendly the whole staff is my kinda people cant go wrong here!
Rylan S.
23:58 18 Dec 23
I came and placed an order and was helped by quite the knowledgeable service rep. Brandon helped me a lot with understanding different types products and how they work. I will definitely be coming back
David M.
17:26 18 Dec 23
Quick delivery and great drivers. Shoutout to Lew thanks dude 🤘
Nathan H.
23:28 17 Dec 23
pretty much the connection for my home town
Kristi P.
22:21 15 Dec 23
Kyle, Kastor, Justin and Michael are by far the most knowledgeable and helpful/polite BUDtenders ever. Huge shout to all of them for know how to deal with my high tolerance issues ☺️ many thanks!
Desi S.
20:18 15 Dec 23
Absolutely love this dispensary. I am a very seasoned smoker and have been to over 60 different shops. Planted Provisioning, In Whitmore Lake Is the place to go. CORY was one of the kindest and most knowledgeable bud tenders I've ever experienced. He definitely helped end my Friday on a HIGH note!!!
jade J.
21:55 14 Dec 23
Great service! Can always count on planted to get me ALL the way together. HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking out Planted and seeing all the great deals and specials they have!!!
Jessica P.
13:19 12 Dec 23
This is the ONLY place to go in the area, in my opinion. They are so knowledgeable and take the time to listen to what you're looking for and how it will help you.
Josh S.
23:04 09 Dec 23
Great place to shop for bud!
Martha D.
17:16 09 Dec 23
Planted is a great place to buy all your recreational needs.Rachel helped me with suggestion for my sleeping needs. She also helped me find a product for my dog who recently had surgery and needed some CALM to help him heal. I really appreciated the help as I had no idea. Thank you Rachel.
Brian R.
17:01 08 Dec 23
Convenient friendly and efficient.
Kelsey L.
02:03 07 Dec 23
Rachel is by far the coolest budtender there ! She totally rocks !
Mrs. M
19:32 05 Dec 23
By far the most educated staff. Michelle Allen went above and beyond to help me not only find the best match for what I needed, but also educated me on the why. As a young person having acute closed angle glaucoma, I needed a clear understanding and let me tell you….she is LEGIT. A straight up cannabis coach! Do not look for another dispensary…..knowledgeable staff, great prices, and convenient!
Jordan C.
00:08 05 Dec 23
Awesome deals , great bud, great customer service Elaina was acceptable.
Frankie T.
14:32 03 Dec 23
Great place to shop when in town. Nice staff get you in and out
Rahlena H.
17:58 02 Dec 23
If you are looking for good bud and great people. Planted is the place to visit.
Dustin M.
21:56 01 Dec 23
Nisa was very patient and helpful with me trying to decide what I wanted!
Aurorah S.
23:14 30 Nov 23
Boyfriend LOVES shopping here. Great service and prices.
15:39 29 Nov 23
I came in today needing relief for a recent back injury and Wes was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He took his time making sure I got exactly what I needed. I will definitely be back. Great customer service. Very friendly location.
Alex W.
15:29 28 Nov 23
Michelle was absolutely wonderful and such a help. She explained everything in great detail to me, even drawing out the concept on a scrap piece of paper in order to help me understand. I could not recommend her more, she turns an intimidating experience into an enjoyable one. She is so knowledgeable about everything cannabis and the best person to talk to if you have any questions about starting/what is best for you to take.
S.M. S.
13:36 28 Nov 23
Great place that runs and is supervised well. Always willing to help the customer. Complete professionalism!

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