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Planted Provisioning
Based on 1235 reviews
Michael K.
12:38 19 Apr 24
Jason N.
00:49 19 Apr 24
Best place in Genesee County. It’s the only place I go. Hands down the best!
Tom E.
21:29 18 Apr 24
I come into Planted frequently and am very pleased every time I come in. The last time I was helped by Courtney and she was very thorough and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Kelsey F.
20:53 18 Apr 24
Planted Provisioning is my ALTIME favortie dispo! The staff are all so good at their job. Commuication 10 out 10 as well! Great products with reasonable prices and trust worthy deliveries!
Betsy E.
20:03 18 Apr 24
The receptionist was so very friendly and answered all my questions.Spencer was very helpful and very pleasant and also very cute 😊
Rich B.
16:24 18 Apr 24
Best dispo around. Great prices and friendly employees
15:44 16 Apr 24
Awesome. They went and exceeded any expectations. I couldn't smile bigger. Thank you.
cami S.
19:54 15 Apr 24
Victoria was so helpful and informative! Love this location and all the people. Thanks for always being great!!
21:18 14 Apr 24
Quick and friendly delivery. Great products.
Michelle W.
20:34 14 Apr 24
Katelyn was very helpful!
18:54 14 Apr 24
The staff is always friendly! Trinity is a Rockstar with customer service, very patient and throurogh. THIS IS FOR FLINT
Mike B.
15:38 13 Apr 24
I’ve been a customer here for a while, had delivery from Brenton today. Fantastic and timely service with a smile as always! Highly recommended, best prices and service!
Gma R.
15:16 13 Apr 24
This young man is a gift to planted. He has been a great help to me navigating gummies and transdermal patches. Also listens to what you've come in shopping for and always comes thru with great choices in flower. Taught me how to light a pre roll properly too.
Michael L.
23:48 12 Apr 24
As soon as I walked in, Spencer greeted me with a smile and then Drew hooked it up! Amazing staff at Planted!
Jason R.
20:22 12 Apr 24
Great selection! Castor is always helpful in showing me the newest products to continue my brand growth.
Cachet D.
17:01 12 Apr 24
Love this place
Christine E.
14:57 12 Apr 24
Great service!
Christine F.
22:51 10 Apr 24
Planted rocks amazing people & prices!
21:55 09 Apr 24
Emilee at planted was super friendly and we love the bud! thanks !
Divined C.
20:54 09 Apr 24
Great Place to shop when you in the surrounding area. Very fast pace nice staff clean facility. Have plenty deals and freebie for your first time.
Stephen K.
04:43 09 Apr 24
Drew and the crew are the best in the biz my people. The bud is what it should be. The Willies Kush Cake is fire, so is the lemon cherry Z.Thanks P Lanted folks
Daniel G.
17:56 08 Apr 24
Best place to come great people drew is a pretty cool dude
anthony T.
14:27 08 Apr 24
Charles was amazing, very friendly, very professional, very Informational and knowledgeable about all my questions, 100% recommended and will 100% be a return customer
Wendella W.
18:43 07 Apr 24
Awesome bud tender, will be coming back!
21:32 06 Apr 24
Dank Deals all Day!!
Connie H
20:31 06 Apr 24
Everyone is always super friendly and sometimes there is a dog up front which I adore. Quality product and great location
jodi R.
19:36 06 Apr 24
Very friendly delivery people , always on time, great products , nothing but good things to say!!
Michael V.
19:34 06 Apr 24
Good service today from Weston. I would come back again.
Kathi J.
14:11 06 Apr 24
Rebecca V.
23:17 05 Apr 24
I deal with Planted all the time it's a great place and has awesome deals. I've had the same delivery guy a few times (Alexander M.) he is awesome!!
Sydney P.
22:05 05 Apr 24
Scott L.
15:48 05 Apr 24
Great service
14:38 05 Apr 24
Ashley is a great delivery person, very kind and soft spoken. Excellent delivery service.
Corey T.
12:52 05 Apr 24
This place is the best in the state
Chloe Y.
02:46 05 Apr 24
Sara S.
19:29 04 Apr 24
Great hand off extremely polite and thoughtful
kenzie M.
17:29 04 Apr 24
great customer service everytime! #1 choice any day!
Jeremy F.
21:31 03 Apr 24
Spencer and Brandon are rock stars always a pleasure!!
Angel V.
19:56 03 Apr 24
Kenneth M.
01:48 03 Apr 24
Ella K.
00:04 03 Apr 24
Everything went smoothly Emilie was friendly awesome very helpful great person thank you
Larry H.
22:49 02 Apr 24
Very good bud tenders. Very helpful with picking out the type I'm looking for each visit. Great place. 2 ATM machines because it's cash only for purchases. 5 🤩 stars
Sarah S.
21:28 02 Apr 24
Very friendly staff and very helpful thank you Spencer for being patient and for explaining things to me when I asked.
Aubrey L.
19:48 02 Apr 24
Chessie is a very good customer service provider.
Amber D.
18:56 02 Apr 24
Chessie did amazing and she’s so awesome to deal with 🖤🖤🖤
17:09 02 Apr 24
Chessie Passmore, is awesome! She has great customer service skills and fun to talk to 😊
Vikki H.
17:05 02 Apr 24
Chessie is the best bud tender!!
David L.
18:44 01 Apr 24
I used to go to Ann Arbor for smoke, but your delivery service had made that obsolete. I had deliveries made a couple of times and your drivers are always friendly and professional. (And I have stopped in a couple of times) Looks like you got a great team there.
Kimberly W.
16:54 01 Apr 24
Always perfect and the delivery driver is always great!!
16:05 31 Mar 24
Kurt is always so cool. Love the small chit chats. We are regulars, so Kurt has delivered several times and is always so cool.
Sandra L.
18:40 30 Mar 24
Spencer was awesome! Very knowledgeable and helpful☺️
Katherine L.
17:18 30 Mar 24
22:56 29 Mar 24
I’m a middle aged mom with zero cannabis knowledge, and an urgent need for help. I have an adult, non verbal autistic child who was having extreme difficulty transitioning to a new living arrangement, wouldn’t take meds, wouldn’t go to sleep, and was having “behaviors”…Drew listened carefully, and very professionally and cautiously recommended some solutions.Absolutely brilliant results, using a low mg of the correct product. I am SUCH a fan!
Robin F.
22:47 29 Mar 24
Deborah D.
20:31 29 Mar 24
This place is great. delivery was fast.
Madonna W.
04:04 29 Mar 24
Very helpful young man!
James O.
02:12 29 Mar 24
Very helpful staff
King Lee’s C.
22:17 28 Mar 24
Derek at the flint dispensary
Nicole S.
19:45 28 Mar 24
Very nice, fast and efficient
Shami M.
18:28 28 Mar 24
AndI was very sweet and a pleasure to meet.
emily S.
22:03 27 Mar 24
Fast, professional, friendly. Thanks!
Justin T.
21:48 27 Mar 24
It's okay place I came to change my review cause of Nick and Kirk I really like Nick the delivery guy always kind with actual customer service best at this location in my opinion and actually has a human connection with the customers even nasty ones like me lol I hope they take care of them Two before someone else does people will pay for customer service like that
Michigan O.
14:29 26 Mar 24
Grace was wonderful to deal with!! Very kind and friendly
Jacob P.
21:45 25 Mar 24
16:37 25 Mar 24
This place never fails to set me up with great deals! Shout-out to Drew, Caster, and Michelle. Always super helpful and chill
Adrian M.
14:19 24 Mar 24
22:44 23 Mar 24
Michelle is a star! I appreciated her time & knowledge!
Jacob M.
19:46 23 Mar 24
Awesome deals. Kat was a great help today!
Michelle C
17:50 23 Mar 24
I was fortunate to have Michelle as my guide. I found everything I needed and at the best price. Hands down my favorite place yet and not just because we share the coolest name in the world. I am going to be a long time customer for sure.
Marlene C.
00:50 23 Mar 24
Zachary was very nice and polite and service was fast.Logan helped me try and find my order and ended up take my my order for me. As Oprah would say you get a raise and you get a raise and you get a raise and you get a raise what do you think sounds good right
Ariel D.
13:02 22 Mar 24
Nice place to come great product my husband goes almost every day
Aristotle K.
16:07 21 Mar 24
Absolutely fantastic deliver, very kind and helpful driver named Ryan did an excellent job. Quality goods and decent prices :) always a happy shopper with Planted Provisioning. Can't wait for next time!
Shana C.
19:33 20 Mar 24
Love this place! Everyone is always super nice and the quaintness is my favorite. Definitely a must try!
Heidi S.
15:50 20 Mar 24
Super helpful, very polite, and goes above and beyond!
Brigitte L.
14:23 20 Mar 24
Brent is always awesome he has been my delivery driver almost every time 10/10
Tj K.
22:14 19 Mar 24
The staff is always so helpful and cool to talk to, Kyle was awesome very chill dude and has added on to all of the positive experiences I’ve had here 10/10 would recommend!
Richard C.
14:51 19 Mar 24
Friendly service and a welcoming environment as well as expert product knowledge Drew was able to answer my questions with a smile and offer alternatives when necessary
kayla W.
01:08 15 Mar 24
Always a pleasure to experience Evan's knowledge and fantastic customer service! Thanks for the solid recommendations 🙂
Jody N.
21:52 14 Mar 24
Drew knows his product and was extremely helpful.
Christopher S.
21:45 14 Mar 24
Always a professional service. Alex was fun to talk to and very helpful. Pleasant employee and cheerful. Thank you
Christopher B.
19:09 14 Mar 24
brands on point 👉
Katie Y.
17:07 14 Mar 24
Ordering online is easy. Delivery is fast and the drivers are always kind and courteous. Very happy 😊
Glock 10 M.
16:19 14 Mar 24
Chessie may was the best bud tender I ever met!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony M.
00:20 13 Mar 24
Rebecca Z.
21:10 12 Mar 24
Chessie took care of me she was super nice and helped me with what i needed awsome place would definitely recommend!! :-)
Frank L.
17:46 12 Mar 24
The best place to shop really great customer service and make you feel safe
Pat P.
02:03 12 Mar 24
Katie S.
17:15 11 Mar 24
Had a great delivery experience with Lew! He had a trainee with him and they were both great! ✌🏻
Kayla S.
15:16 11 Mar 24
I love Planted Provisioning in Flint.They have great deals and the bud is always premo. Chessiemay is amazing and fast to give good suggestions.
Jason M.
00:43 11 Mar 24
Devin was on time and very respectful. I would be lucky to have him as a delivery driver again.
Paul V.
21:09 10 Mar 24
Wayne B.
17:25 10 Mar 24
Always exceptional customer service and great products. We always order so late in the day I feel bad. Mya C, did our delivery last night and she was a gem. With the level of positive customer service we get, we will always be back.

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