As a cannabis retailer we are familiar with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Emergency orders, the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity, Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration General Rules, (MIOSHA) Emergency Rules, and other local health orders related to COVID 19.

What Does that Mean for People in Michigan?

In Michigan, there is no statewide requirement to wear a face mask in most settings; however, local health departments, establishments, and school districts may have additional rules that must be followed. We allow our customers the option whether or not to wear a mask. We do encourage social distancing and standard hygiene practices in our store.

It is SAFER to wear a mask in high-risk settings where many unvaccinated individuals are present, to protect vulnerable populations, or when community transmission is substantial or high.

It is SAFER for individuals who are not yet fully vaccinated to wear a face mask when in indoor settings with people who they do not live with.

What we do at Planted

We clean frequently with products containing soap or detergent that reduces germs on surfaces by removing contaminants and decreasing risk of infection from surfaces. We also disinfect (using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s List N disinfectantsexternal icon) approved cleaners to kill any remaining germs on surfaces, which further reduces any risk of spreading infection.

As a retail location we at Planted clean more frequently and disinfect (in addition to cleaning) in spaces with high traffic or if certain conditions apply that can increase the risk of infection from touching surfaces like retail counters and shelves.

We clean high-touch surfaces at least 5 times per day or as often as determined is necessary. Examples of high-touch surfaces include: ATMs, pens, counters, tables, tablets, doorknobs, shelves, light switches, handles, stair rails, desks, keyboards, phones, toilets, faucets, and sinks.

At the beginning and end of each shift we have strict cleaning protocols that our staff follow to ensure your safety and health while shopping at Planted.

Our staff frequently wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds as well as disinfects with approved hand sanitizers.

Lastly their are several conveniently located hand sanitizing stations located throughout Planted.

If you have questions about your shopping experience please feel free to contact us. We also provide curbside and delivery services for those who do not feel comfortable shopping in store.